Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random Crap Update

It's been awhile since I last posted, and for a good reason: my computer was in the shop for two weeks. Well, here's the update on the past very busy three weeks!

Just before my surgery, around March 20, we had to put down Sparticus. She had a tumor in her mouth that made it difficult to eat, so she was getting skinny and lethargic. No, we don't always put down people/animals with cancer, fortunately, but her tumor was very aggressive and she was miserable and old. Paul, my cousin the vet, was kind enough to come up to our house for it and then we buried her in our backyard. It's been really hard on Zane. This was the dog that comforted him when he got divorced and lost Spencer, who was always there for him, who loved him unconditionally. RIP, Sparticus.

Then, on Monday the 22nd, I had my surgery. I had my prophylactic mastectomy, an umbilical hernia fixed, and a mole removed. My surgeon called it a "blue plate special."

The first day I was in the hospital, nurses and doctors and interns and etc. kept saying, "I know you're eager to get out of here...." What? Who told you these LIES? I have three kids at home who want nothing more than to climb on my now-tender body. Give me a week here! The place where you practically applaud if I answer "yes" to "have you had gas." Where I order breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed. Where no one steals my Starburst jellybeans. Yeah, I love this place!

So I stayed two nights.

All removed body parts were cancer free. This is what we expected, but still. It's nice to know.

After recovering for two weeks, I got a haircut. My first since, well, I had hair last! I was looking like a poodle. Now I'm sure I look super chic, but it's hard to not resent the loss off my former luscious locks. Stupid cancer.

I've been back at school for a week now. It was great to get back. It's always nice to get back on a schedule. Now, though, we only have six weeks left of school. I'm making plans for a summer schedule and I'm looking forward to playing with the kids for a few months.

And that's pretty much my last month! I'm sure I'll do better at keeping you updated now that my computer is back!

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