Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trianglation, Manipulation, and other Ations

Normally I don't do pissy posts. That's because a) mostly I write about my kids, and b) I don't want to make people mad. BUT I AM MAD, DARN IT! Phew.

So, here's the deal. She Who Shall Remain Nameless is a tattletale. She called my mother-in-law to tell tales on Zane. (See that? Triangulation.) MIL, for whatever reason, decides to call Zane up and yell at him without getting his side. Meanwhile, Zane and I are in the middle of an epic fight. We're in the not-talking-to-each-other stage, so he's free to have his ear chewed off. Nice night for him, right? Result? We did not see Spencer for almost two months.

Now, could Zane have been more of a grownup? Sure. He could have gone to Spencer's soccer games, which he did not. I wasn't sorry, since there are two a week, sometimes as far away as Lehi. It's really tough not having Zane around, and it's hard to drag three kids to the games, even the closer ones. But he should have gone.

Anyway, this had gone on long enough. We all knew how it would end, too. Spencer would come over and regular visitation would resume. The end. It was getting stupid. So I texted SWSRN and told her I would pick Spencer up at 5 today. Naturally (because she's a triangulater) She texts ZANE about this. Whatever.

So, I got to their house today. SWSRN's husband opened the door, and Spencer was right there, practically catapulting out to the car. Everything was fine, casual. Chat about school, soccer, whatevs.

Here's the icing: SWSRN has been pretending she's been all encouraging of Spencer to come here. Well, Sabrina and SWSRN's younger son play in the same soccer league. Until the blowup, Spencer came to their games. After, SWSRN wouldn't let him come! Spencer told Zane he wanted to come, but wasn't allowed! How do you like them apples?

Needless to say, I'm irritated. This is crap,and can't happen again. Next time, I'm playing dirty. Yeah yeah, when you roll in the mud you both get dirty and the pig likes it. It might be an interesting experience to be a jerk instead of hoping we can all get along. Because apparently? We can't.


Marianne said...

Oh dang, that sucks. I was more hoping for your sake that the story involved you calling YOUR ex-mother-in-law to tattle on YOUR ex-husband.

Molly said...

I know. But hey, he did get married recently for the third time, so he has enough women who can tattle on him.