Monday, October 22, 2012

In Which we go to Manila

Do you know where Manila is? Me either, and I've been there. Wait...Okay I checked a map. It's at the very northern part of eastern Utah, right inside Wyoming at the cut-out part of the Utah. To get there from Ogden, you drive into Wyoming, then out of Wyoming, and there you are.

Manila has one street, access to Flaming Gorge, three hotels, and (most importantly for our discussion here) one courthouse that is open once a month. Zane had a client who needed his services there, so we made a mini vacation out of it.

Zane called me up at about 3:30 and asked if I wanted to go on a trip to Manila. My first response, of course, was "no," and maybe even "hell, no!" if I were the swearing type. My reasons were these: I didn't want to. My day the next day was planned! Cleaning, going to Victoria's house. HOW COULD I CHANGE THESE PLANS, DAMMIT?

So, after being all reluctant, I put off the decision. Then I got used to the idea and remembered it would make Zane happy and I could be okay with not cleaning on Friday. So, we left at 6 and arrived at the swarming metropolis of Manila at about 9.

After Zane took 23 minutes (I timed it) to check in from a very thorough and friendly owner, we established ourselves in the swankiest hotel room in Manila. I know this doesn't sound like real praise, but this was a NICE place. It was a suite with super plush towels, soft bedspreads, and a sign that said "No gutting fish on property. $500 fine." Well, there are always spoilsports.

I made up a bed for Sasha on the floor, because I guarantee he would've fallen out of that very high bed. Raiden got the hideabed, and Sabrina got a queen-sized all to herself. So she curled up into a tiny ball and went to sleep.

The next day went as expected. Zane's "hour max" hearing went for three and I waited for him in the car, since the Manila park had three swings and a broken teeteer-totter and we had to leave our nice hotel room with Direct TV by 10, right when the hearing started. Still, it was a nice family outing to a place I've never been before. Anyone else want to go? (crickets)

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Anonymous said...

Chirp. Chirp.

I always double the time Boyd tells me a work- or church-related task will take. Looks like you need to multiply by three!