Friday, October 5, 2012

Heck, Darn, Shoot, and other Swears

Remember my three angelic children, who sleep through the night? They are ALL MISSING!

Let's start with the most forgivable, the youngest, and work our way up, shall we? Raiden has just learned a new trick, rolling over from back to front. Weird, right? You'd think the other way would be easier, because you have your arms to push you. He's rolling over, getting stuck, getting his arms through his crib bars, smashing his face into a blanket fold, whatever. I've heard that when kids learn a new physical trick, their sleeping can be affected. They can get stuck in a sitting or standing position (HINT: use gravity) and not be able to get back to sleep. I'm hoping he'll be back to good sleep soon. He woke up three times last night.

Sasha woke up twice. He's a little sick with a cough, so he coughed out his binkie, couldn't find it, and cried, "Binkie. Biiiiinnnnnkkiiiieeeee. Binkieeeeee." Once Zane was up and found it, and the other time I had to turn on the light to find it under his bed. Sigh.

Next, Sabrina. She was only up once, but came into our room holding her pillow. I knew what she wanted. I pulled a blanket onto the floor, blindly searched in the linen closet for another one, and she slept on our floor for the rest of the night.

ZANE was up around four times. Now, I didn't have to find his blankie or anything, but every time he got up, I woke up. Especially since I was sleeping lightly anyway, with the kids' troubles. Why couldn't he have timed his desperate need for a drink with one of the kids getting up (more than once, anyway)? The mysteries moms want to know.

Overall, I was up three times between 11 and 2, then from about 3 until 4:30 I just dozed, since I was too certain I'd have to get up again soon to go back to sleep. And I was right! Then I slept until 8:45, thanks to everyone else having a restless night's sleep as well, plus Zane getting up around 8:30. I have one thing to say about that: Thank goodness I didn't have to get up at 6:00 to teach school! I'm sure my prospective students would agree with me.

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