Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday was my birthday. I'm now old enough to be President! I guess that likely won't happen this year, but a vast write-in campaign...nah. I'm pretty busy this year with three (count 'em!) kids 4 and under. Still, it's nice to know it's possible.

I'm feeling more and more like a grownup. It's not always true. Sometimes it's hard to believe "mom" is ME. Sometimes I realize I need to be the grownup when dealing with my kids, because geez, I am the grownup. I can't cry when the 2-year-old screams at me, or ignore the crying at 3 am, or yell at the 4-year-old who makes more messes than she's willing to clean up by a 10,496 to 1 margin. Still, I have more and more confidence that I can deal with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Still, sometimes I want to scream and yell. Raiden's so cute I'm usually not too tempted to ignore him at 3 am.

The birthday itself was nice. Sabrina had a soccer game, after which we ran a few errands and went to Mom's house. Zane had several presents for me, almost all bought at least a week ahead of time! Go Zane! He bought a hair drier for me the day of my birthday, which is nice since mine gave up the ghost, but he already had super sexy shoes (he's a good shoe buyer) and a kitchen scale so my bread loaves can be the same size. I'm bad at making stuff like that even. It won't be worth it for cookies, but will for bread.

Also, Facebook is awesome on your birthday! Everyone's like, oh hey, good time to reconnect! Happy birthday! Plus a bunch of nice emails from good friends...I love you all!

Birthdays. Good times.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a happy birthday. I am also glad you had a delicious carrot cake for your birthday. And I am extra glad you didn't eat all of said cake, because when I popped by your mom's house, there was still some left for me to eat. So a very happy birthday to you indeed! When Molly has a birthday, everyone wins.