Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First word

Sabrina's fist word was "quack." And her nickname was T-Bone. Sasha just said his first word, and it is "woof." And his nickname is Sashimi. I'm sensing a pattern here!

Sasha can also wave, stand up, and just took his first step. I'm not quite sure where the time went. I swear, I had had Sabrina a lot longer when she was 10 months than I've had Sasha! Also, I'm starting to think about future kids, but I feel Sasha was just born! And he's still a baby! I can't want another one, can I?

Sasha has also learned to climb down stairs the right way (backwards, that is), but he can only do a stair or two. On Sunday we were at Mom and Dad's house, and Sasha went off exploring. After a few minutes I heard him crying. Oh, whatever, I thought. He's fine. Turns out, he wasn't fine. He had climbed up their stairs and was sitting at the top, unable to get down. Poor thing!

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