Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Growing up

Sasha is getting so big! In the past week or so, he has started to say, like, three words! Not a big deal if you're 30, but when you're only 11 months, it's a big step into the brand new world of communicating! So, his first word was "woof." And he says it when he hears dogs, sees dogs, and even occasionally on command. Just not when anyone else is around, of course, because no kid performs on command. Sasha can also say "boom" as in "boom, I just knocked down another tower and so now I'm going to laugh maniacally," and he also does a sort of "hchchchc" growl thing when he wants another bite of food. Sparticus taught him the first word, Grandpa Joe the second, and he learned the third from Mommy. Because I'm verbal like that.

Sasha has also started taking steps. He lets go of stuff and takes about one step before a) falling, b) dropping to his knees to crawl, or c) leaning forward, head first, and expecting to be caught. So far we've caught him every time, but I'm not looking forward to the betrayed wail of the uncaught, crashing baby.

So keep it up little man! Before I know it, you'll be running away from me, taunting, "You gotta catch me" like your big sis. I love you forever.

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