Friday, August 26, 2011

School, Gardening, and Leaving my Kids

Today, I harvested my potato crop. If you can call it that. The grasshoppers have decimated the tops of the potatoes, leaving them wilted, with just the veins in the leaves still extant. So, I dug up eight potatoes, the largest of which was the size of my fist, and the smallest a bit smaller than a large marble. I think I planted more potato mass than I harvested. Oh well. My mother-in-law will provide with garden produce. I think I need more fertilizer. However, I did make tacos with my own, home-grown onion yesterday.

On Wednesday, I started school. Since I'm teaching Wednesday, Thursday, and some Fridays, the kids had already been to school for two days when I started. I have to say, I loved it. I think my students will be really fun, although there's a lot of Boy Energy (BE) in my afternoon class. BE is great and fun, but a little goofy, and let's be honest, a little goes a long way for a teacher. Still, it should be an adventure.

In the grand tradition of Salt Lake Arts Academy, however, a student was transferred from my class on Thursday, and I wasn't told. I didn't THINK he was sluffing on the fourth day of class, but you never know with BE. I emailed the office, who called him down to the office, who then sent him to tell me he'd been transferred. Honestly, I can't think that the BE in my class will diminish much. My other class doesn't have much BE: there are 18 girls and 7 boys. Poor things.

Sabrina was happy as could be both when I dropped her off at my cousin Allison's for babysitting and when I picked her up. I think she has a cousin crush on Harmony. Sasha, though....But remember, he's 11 months and has been babysat about five times total, including twice this week. I'm sure he'll be fine. He just has to start taking naps longer than ten minutes for Allison.

Overall, a successful, productive (ha!) week.

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