Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Such a good reader.

Sabrina didn't want me to leave last night as I was putting her to bed, and asked for another story. (Incidentally, she's been asking for things "one more time" a lot lately, but hasn't got the concept that you only get to ask that once.) So, since I was heartless and would not read "Are you my Mother" to her, she read it herself. I need to get it on tape, but it went something like this, at least in parts:

"Where my mother? Looook up (look up here). Loook down (look down here). I go look for her. Down, down down. I can walk. You my mother? No. No cat, no chicken, no dog, no moo (cow). Do I have mother? Yes! Look way, way up. Look way, way down. A nort! (snort) I want my mother! Oh, a nice nort (pats the nort). Back in the nest. There my mother (puts her "wing" around my neck)." Needless to say, this got her out of going to bed for a while. Twice.

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