Sunday, June 19, 2011

9 months

I took Sasha to his 9-month checkup last week. Because of a change in insurance, I had to go to a new clinic. They started asking me all these questions: Does he walk, does he point, can he feed himself with a spoon? No, no, and no. Um, you know he's 9 months, right? Oh, 9 months? I think these are the 12-month questions. Ooops. No wonder Sasha seemed so behind! Three months is a third of his life! That's, like, 11 years for me! It turns out despite not walking at 9 months, he's just fine. That's what you get for having a PA student do the exam as practice before the official, full-fledged PA comes in.

Also at the appointment, the student PA asked if Sasha has teeth. Nope, no teeth. I hope he gets some soon. I feel for teeth. Oh! There are two! Two teeth came in simultaneously the day of his doctor's appointment. He'd better not bite now!

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