Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guns and Pianos

This morning, Sabrina found a gun for an Xbox game. She, being a baby, likes anything grownups play with, such as Xbox controllers, Xbox guns, Xbox steering wheels, and the like. (I'm trying to brainwash her into liking brooms and washcloths, but so far have mostly succeeded in makeup brushes. At least she's well rounded.)So, she picks up this toy gun and starts making shooting sounds and aiming it at stuff. This is not my fault. I got her a doll for Christmas.

On to the piano part (nice segue, eh?). I am the Primary pianist, and I can't play "I'm trying to be like Jesus." So, I though, since I've embarrassed myself several times and this is a popular song, maybe I should learn to play it. Unfortunately, I had apparently forgotten everything I ever knew about practicing. Then I got the metronome for Christmas (thanks, Victoria!). So, I started playing it really slow (60/eighth when it should be 104/eighth) and gradually moved up. Voila, I am to 95/eighth right now. Lucretia would be so proud. (That's my piano teacher. She would be shocked and appalled at my current lack of skill.)

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