Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another first

I remember those fond days of Sabrina's lovely firsts: First time rolling over, pulling herself up, step, tooth, word...

Now we have another first. Sabrina wanted a bath this morning (can you see where this is going yet? Just wait!) So, as per usual, I bathed her and then read a book while she played. I figure I'll hear her if she falls into the water and tries to drown, given that I'm 22 inches away from her. I casually glanced up at the end of a paragraph to see POOP! Floating in the water! Her first poop in the bath!

Well, I got her out of that tub right quick.

As I was cleaning the bathtub a little later (I scooped out the poop with a washcloth. Good thing it's both laundry day and clean the bathroom day, so I don't feel I'm doing extra work), I was overwhelmed with a desire to call it dookey. I'm not a real euphemisms girl, but I kept thinking stuff like, "Sabrina did a dookey in the tub. I'm cleaning up dookey. Dookey dookey dookey." I have no idea what my brain was thinking.

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