Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Season

I was looking over my calendar, and I realized CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK PEOPLE! GET A MOVE ON! I have STUFF to do almost every day for the next two weeks. I'm exhausted just looking at my schedule, even though I want to do it all. I have book group, family temple, family bingo, ward Christmas party, babysitting, and I don't know what all. This is why we have a calendar.

I'm trying to squeeze in some time to work on my quiet book that I started about eight months ago. I had almost all the pictures drawn and all the supplies, but hadn't started putting it together. Now I have. It will not be the most well put together quiet book ever, but, as Han Solo says, "Hey, it's me." I'm sure my next project will be much better, especially if Breklyn helps me. I'll have to post pictures soon, but Zane has stolen my camera temporarily.

Oh, and for all my Jewish (or other Tribe of Israel) readers, Happy Hanukkah!

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