Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have been SO productive these last two days! It's really very exciting. One of the things I did today--five hours worth--is get the food ready for our trip to Lake Powell. Two hours of cooking bacon, anyone? The thing is, I am really product-oriented, and man, did I complete some products today!

Another really exciting thing is that Sabrina was outside yesterday and stood up. No, waaaait for it. While she was up, she took three steps! (That's it, you can cheer now.) She's really standing up a lot lately, so I can't wait for her to really start walking. Wait, then she starts running, and then she makes a beeline for the dog food or cat food because it, apparently, is tasty. Oh well, it's not like she doesn't do that now.

Last, of course, is happy birthday to my daddy!

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