Friday, July 31, 2009

Pictures, Take Two

I took Sabrina to get her pictures taken again today, because those we took on her birthday were NOT successful. She was way too clingy. I put her down, and NOOOOOOO! Piiiiick meeeee uuuuuuupp! Okay baby girl, let's try again. No, let go of my hair. And shirt. And earrings. Okay, don't hold on with your teeth. Good! No, stop crying, Mommy's right here. Okay, I'll pick you up again. Oh, you're done crying? Good. Now....No, don't cry. Sigh.

Yeah, well, it was almost like that again this time, too. We got a grand total of zero smiling pictures, but we did get one beautiful picture of her little face. I was kind of bugged at the photographer, though. You'd think she'd learn after a half hour that every time she touched Sabrina or did that really high loud, annoying RRRRRRRRR! Sabrina would start crying. Oh, and be ready to snap a picture whenever she's not crying, 'k? Because, if you wait for a smile you be waitin' a long time. Oh, and here's another tip: don't lose all your customer service skillz when the customer pulls out a coupon, because the whole POINT of the coupon is to make people come IN to your STORE so they HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE and COME AGAIN. Capice?

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