Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zane Does Nativity

It's been awhile since I blogged (blogged? Does this word ever strike you as odd?), so I have catching up to do!

On Christmas Eve, Zane, Sabrina and I went to Mom and Dad's house. Our first activity? Bowling! To make it better, there were 6 of us on two lanes, and the girls got bumpers! It sort of feels like cheating, but it does mean no nasty gutter balls. On the other hand, 2 1/2-year-old Elli beat my score the first game. Embarrassing.

After dinner--a German festive meal, delicious except the pickle in the meat, because pickles are gross--we played a German game, which is to find the pickle that is hidden in the tree. Fortunately (because pickles are gross), the pickle was an ornament, which I found, because I'm awesome, and also willing to knock over the Christmas tree to win.

Unfortunately, Benn and Cheri and their brood had to leave before we could read the Christmas story, so Zane had to take over the job of using the Nativity scene to act out the story of The Christ Child. He did a great job, although he needed a little reminder when the story calls for the Wise Men to fall down and worship Jesus. Possibly the most critically acclaimed part of his performance was when he put Mary on the rocking horse and Joseph way, way, way down below, leading the Giant Horse (donkey) from the floor. Very amusing.

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