Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Spencer Wing

Yesterday, four of Zane's relatives were in the hospital. Zane Sr. said they were at the Froerer wing of the hospital. Veeeery clever. Although, technically speaking, it was Marilyn's dad and sister, who are Spencers, not Froerers, who were in the hospital. It looks like they might both have cancer, which isn't funny at all. The other two were Zane's (my Zane) sister Elizabeth, who was in the hospital to have her baby and family member #4, Rebekah. That's not really funny either, but it is happy! Rebekah is beautiful and comparatively tiny--8 12. Still, there's only one Tiny.
Me. It's me.

MY Tiny, THE Tiny, has been a real eater lately. She must be growth spurting, which is annoying at 11, 2:30, and 6:30. Not that I'm counting. She is starting to show some interest in my food, too. Today I was eating a pancake, and Sabrina was VERY interested. I let her put it in her mouth, and she started sucking on it. So I took it away. NO, I'm not mean, she just can't have about all of the ingredients in pancakes yet! She's still tiny, after all.

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