Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Babies babies babies!

Last night, at the annual Froerer Family Bingo night, Karen announced she is 10 weeks pregnant! Yay! She is due July 19, or 10 days before Sabrina's first birthday. Last year, I was planning on announcing MY pregnancy at family bingo, but couldn't wait that long. I'm so happy for Karen! Here is a picture with her holding Sabrina, and Mom holding Julianne's baby Jane.

So, tomorrow is Sabrina's first Christmas. I didn't get her much this year, on the premise that she won't remember it anyway and any presents I get her are really what I want for her. The important things, though, are that she knows she is loved and cherished, and that she knows the true Christmas story. I can't wait for Benn to act out the Christmas story with the Nativity set in the partial fulfillment of goal #2!


Cheri said...

Molly, you put that your sister-in-law is due on June 19... 10 days before Sabrina's first birthday. Wasn't Sabrina born on July 29?

Molly said...

Oops! Yes, sorry. Karen is due JULY 19. Good catch, Cheri.