Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moms only. No, really.

The subject of our discussion today is poop. Only mothers truly understand. Sabrina had complete blowouts the past TWO days. I mean, I understand one, but you'd think that would clear her out for a few days. Nope. Good thing I remembered to put a new outfit in her diaper bag this morning, or poor babysitter Kelli would have had to contend with Naked Baby while her clothes washed. Of course, Naked Baby IS very cute.

I got nothing more on poop, so we'll move on to topics of general interest.

Sabrina has continued to be really interested in food lately. She's almost like a dog, you know, who watches the food as you move it around in hopes of being so cute that you will lose control of your muscles and drop the food. It's just about time to give her cereal! And to get a plastic floor mat and outfit! Hooray!

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