Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's happening. In just a few short days, I'm going to see the movie Twilight. I'm so worried it will be terrible--the previews look way too intense. A soap opera.
Bella (intensely): You are pale. You never go out in the sunlight.
Edward (intensely): Say it.
Bella (intensely): Vampire.
Edward (intensely): Are you afraid?
Bella (intensely): No.
Edward (intensely): You shouldn't have said that.
Soap opera. That's why the boys (Zane and the brothers-in-law) are not allowed to go. The sisters-in-law want to enjoy our teen romance in peace, and not get mocked if it sucks. Austin wonders if he is not allowed to go, or if he is not being forced to go. Potato/potahto.

On the same night I'm going to see Twilight, Sabrina will stay home with daddy. Why do we call it "babysitting" when a baby is taken care of by her dad? It's not babysitting when it's ME.

Sabrina (intensely)

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