Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As tomorrow is the traditional Day of Giving Thanks, I thought I'd weigh in. Of course I am thankful for the Tiny One. Being a mom is so amazing! There is no one else that I would regularly get up for at 2 in the morning. Her little body, her cry, her smile...everything! She does not have a single trait or habit that I don't like. I guess I'll enjoy it while I can! I'm also thankful for Zane, who makes being married fun, for my parents, Benn, Cheri, their kids, my in-laws and the rest of my family. How traditional, but who cares. I love my family!

As I was driving to work today, I saw a big line of people downtown around 9am. As I was going home about 1pm, the line was still there. I realized that people were leaving the line with turkeys and potatoes. There were a lot of people who evidently need help putting on Thanksgiving dinner. Not to get too maudlin, but I think I should be doing more to help people by giving meaningful service. I hope I manage to get started before this feeling goes away.

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