Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nasty, nasty people

The more I hear about Prop 8 in California, the more I am glad it passed. For any uninitiated among you, Prop 8 overturned a California Supreme Court ruling that said gays should be allowed to marry. The voters spoke; they passed an amendment to their constitution that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Now, because church was in favor of it, the LA temple has been vandalized, white powder sent to the Salt Lake Temple, the temples have been picketed, vandalism has been done to church buildings, and lots of businesses and people who support Prop 8 have been harassed and picketed. By people who claim to want tolerance. The problem is, they only want to RECEIVE tolerance, they don't want to GIVE it. Well darn it, people have a right to their religious views! I formerly was glad I didn't live in California, because I wasn't sure how I would have voted. I was torn. Now I'm super, way, extremely glad it passed because these people are such intolerant jerks! I'm done now. Come back later for your regularly scheduled Sabrina news.


Anonymous said...

Remember, this is only the fringe people. Every group has there own group that you would not want to be around..........Even the church.

Molly said...

Of course this is true. However, when people that represent your group are doing bad things, it is your responsibility to speak out against that behavior. The moderate Muslims who don't think terrorism is the way to go should speak out against suicide bombings and flying planes into buildings. If they don't, they tacitly support the terrorists. Mormons who disagree with the church's stance on Prop 8 were certainly not silent. But I have yet to hear a Prop 8 opponent speak out against the hateful actions of the members of their group, thus condoning the vandalism, white powder sent to temples, and general hatefulness. It makes it hard to recognize that these people are "fringe."