Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sabrina! Stop punching Daddy!
Last week, my first back at work, was actually really fun. I trust my babysitters completely, and I'm only gone for 5-6 hours, so not all day. But Monday I got up and thought "Again!?!" The novelty had worn off, but I still had to leave the Tiny One and go to work. It wasn't as fun and exciting this week.

Sabrina continues to do well on her babysitter routine. I have to say, it isn't all that easy on me, but I still don't really have too much trauma. Yet. Unfortunately, though, Sabrina has been a bit congested, so she's been a little grumpy (bad for the babysitters) and has been snoring really loud sometimes (amusing for the babysitters).

When I get home with Tiny, I feel like "Okay, I'm ready for some good quality time with my daughter!" She, however, is just a baby. What is quality time with a baby? Nursing? Check. Holding? Check. Chess? Not so much. Helping with homework? Another no. Soccer practice? Do they make balls that small? Seriously, quality time with babies feels pretty much like ANY time with babies. You know, feed, burp, change. It makes me feel cheated, somehow.

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