Saturday, May 10, 2014

Poor Baby

On Wednesday, I took Sasha and Sabrina to Sabrina's martial art class. Zane came later, with Raiden. I kept thinking something was different about Raiden, but it took me a new perspective to see it. When I was holding him, he arched backward and I could see...nothing. Where there should be...a tooth. Well, half a tooth. The bottom half of his front right tooth, to be precise.

I took Raiden back to his daycare to see what the heck the deal was. After some investigation, they told me Raiden was walking around with his arms inside his overalls (cute!) when he tripped and fell on his face (bad). They said he cried but stopped when they picked him up. There was no blood. The workers said he was rolling around on the floor whining more than usual, but rolling around on the floor whining is what he does when he's tired, hungry, or mad. I know.

On Thursday, Zane took Raiden to the dentist, who was impressed with how he managed to crack the tooth in three places. To fix it, he first gave Raiden some sort of drug via nasal spray. Within seconds, Raiden was laughing and roaring (roooaaaarr! rooooaaarr!). At least he's a happy drunk. He was less happy when they strapped him into a papoose board and drilled away at his tooth and put the crown on. While Zane was telling me this story I was sorry I wasn't there during the roooaaaarrr part of the story, but the blood everywhere/screaming baby part? Yeah, I'm happy not to have been at that part.

Raiden seems to be fine now. He happily continues to ruin his bite by sucking on his fingers and has been eating just fine. Still, this is the first dental emergency of my motherhood. Problem passed!

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