Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oy with the Poodles!

On this anniversary (tomorrow!) of my first day of chemo, I'd like to formally announce that I love my hair. On my head. This dark (mostly) curly stuff that makes me look like a poodle? Yup, delighted to have it. When my LCD projector is on and I'm standing in front of my SmartBoard and I can see the unruly locks? Love it. The poofs over my ears? The unpleasant bed head after I take a nap (you don't have this problem with long hair)? The slightly flat spot over my cowlick in back? The strange wave over my cowlick in front that NO ONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT? All a very small price to pay for having it in existance!

Also, can't wait for haircut #2 since chemo on Tuesday. Just sayin'.

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