Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ugh! C'mon 40 weeks!

This. Has been the hardest pregnancy yet. My body is screaming "The human body was not meant to have 3 kids in less than 4 years! What were you thinking! Did you learn nothing from the ancient Jewish women who nursed for three years! You idiot! Birth control anyone?" and suchlike.

Honestly, though, chasing after 2 kids has made the difference, I think. Yes, I'm working part-time, but I worked full time when pregnant with Sabrina, and moved at 30 weeks with Sasha, so it's not like my extracurricular (curricular being, I guess, my family?) activities have been worse this time. I mean, I take a nap almost every day I'm home, for Pete's sake.

I had a doctor's appointment last week. Sadly, he did not say Jemonis suddenly and inexplicably matured at 6 times the normal rate, and is now ready for birth. No, I'm still just 33 weeks. Okay, 7 weeks doesn't sound like a lot UNLESS YOU ARE ACTUALLY PREGNANT FOR THE NEXT 7 WEEKS. Then it sounds like a LONG TIME. Besides, despite my ever-increasing girth, I really would like to finish this school year. My last day is scheduled to be May 10, which is 3 weeks before the end of school and 11 days before my due date. (Although May 10 is leadership day, so if I couldn't go that day, I would not cry.) May 12 or 13 sounds perfect.

I know, though. Not before 36 weeks. I can do it, I swear. Mostly because there's no other option! So glad to not be a prehistoric nomad moving with the herds now. It's amazing the human race survived those days.

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