Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I love having twokids! (That's how I refer to them, as in "I love my twokids!") At least, when they are not causing each other to cry/both crying, I love having two. Sasha is getting to an age where he can actually be fun for Sabrina to play with. Just in time, too! They can entertain each other when I have threekids and one of them is 2 days old.

Today, Sasha was insisting "side!" Which means, he wanted to play outside. Well, I don't want to play outside. It's cold, I can't bend over, stand up from sitting on the ground, or climb dirt piles. Guess what? Sabrina wants to or at least can do all these things! So, I got their shoes on, Sabrina put on both of their coats, and out they went! For, like, an hour!

They mostly played right outside the living room window, which was great, because I could make sure they weren't eating dirt or pushing each other off our wonderful dirt pile. I watched Sabrina push Sasha's bum, trying to help him all the way up the pile. She was occasionally successful. It was so great to see them not needing me to entertain them! Keep it up, twokids!

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