Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm seriously nesting here, people. The "workers," as Sabrina likes to call them, are downstairs framing the entire basement. Later, probably next week, comes the electrician and HVAC guy, then drywall. Naturally, I'm not doing any of that work, mostly because I don't know how and couldn't care less and not because I'm roughly the size and shape of a very large beach ball, but I've been inspired lately, by the impending new rooms downstairs, to nest.

Sadly, my nesting has to take the form of "why the crap didn't I do this earlier" stuff. Like, cleaning out the car. Do you know how much STUFF an Explorer can hold? Geez, I could have gone on an Arctic expedition in my Expedition. Food? Check. (Not fresh, if you get my drift.) Clothes? Check. (Not clean, of course!) Diapers? Check. (These, happily, WERE clean.) Toys, books, garbage? Sure, all the garbage you could want in the Arctic! And then some!

I've also been cleaning out those nefarious clutter spots that Zane and I are so good at creating. So far I've thrown away 1-year-old or more: bank statements, AYSO rosters, soccer schedules, and law seminar handouts, just to name a few! That'll teach me to leave stuff in a pile for Zane to take care of! To be fair, though, plenty of stuff in the piles has been mine. For instance, the yarn tangle and breastmilk bags in the corner of the TV room? Not Zane's. But now not there! Hooray!

Now, before the baby comes, all I have to do is move Spencer's bunk beds downstairs, after his room is done, which will require painting and carpet as well as the drywall, HVAC, and electricity, move Sabrina's stuff to Sasha's room, get out the newborn and 0-3 month clothes for Jemonis, wash the infant car seat, and other nesting-type stuff like clean out the garage. Anyone want to come over for

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