Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have been informed my public (that's you) that you have not heard enough about my pregnancy! Well, I am coming up on my third trimester already! I can hardly believe it. I've been told a lot lately I am glowing and have a cute belly. I must be in the cute stage of pregnancy. That follows the "evil eye" stage where people wonder if you're pregnant or fat, and precedes the rude "you're about to pop! Are you sure you're not having twins? WHEN are you due?" stage.

The one thing I really don't like about how I look -- besides the slight weight gain is my belly button. It popped out at, I dunno, two months. People keep saying it's "cute." I think it's the type of "cute" that means "I want to comment on how funny that is, but don't want to be rude" cute. Like, "your baby's head is so cute!" when what you mean is, "that head sure is a funny shape!" or "those ears are so cute!" meaning, "Whoa, do those ears stick out!" That kind of cute. It's weird, it gets bugged by being rubbed by my shirt, and sticks out like an inch. Not cute!

Yesterday I had to walk some students to the library (1/2 mile), stand for two hours, and walk back. Fun much? No. I hurt so much I could only waddle for the rest of the day. I could hardly sit, stand, or walk for more than 15 minutes. I'm thinking in May I won't be taking the PE class off campus.

And in other funny news, I bent over to put Sasha's shoes on this morning, and my poor pants, that had made it through 2 1/2 pregnancies, gave up the ghost. They split, and not at a seam. Right across my butt. In the place that says, "Maybe you should reconsider your pants size." Sigh. I'm sure it's just that the pants are, you know, old. Or something.


Anonymous said...

Your adoring fans appreciate the pregnancy update (among them, me). Your adoring cousin (also me) thinks your pants splitting is hilarious. Can wait to meet the new baby! ESP

Dad said...

You are pregnant??????????