Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Belly and Baby Talk

I'm starting to feel really pregnant. Now, I know there's no such thing as "partially pregnant." But there is the stage where you can still bend over and where you can walk up two stairs without pausing halfway to catch your breath. Sadly, it looks like I'll have about three MONTHS more where these things are but a fond memory.

I bought a belly band today. It is supposed to keep you covered if your shirt creeps up, and I think it's great for those G lines that keep presenting themselves too. And maybe people will stop commenting so much about my belly button. I know it sticks out! Stop talking about it! And stop calling it a turkey baster! Geez.

On to the other baby in my life: Sasha. He is having an absolute explosion of talking lately. He's even said two words together a couple of times. I can't remember what they were, but it was very cool. Not so cool was two nights ago when he woke at 1 AM and was inconsolable for an hour or two. Thankfully, Zane was the hero that night and took care of Sasha, because I was not real happy about being up at night. I mean, c'mon, I've only got three months (or a few weeks less?) to sleep through the night IN THE NEXT YEAR. Like I said, Zane was a hero.

Sabrina is fully potty trained, and I love it. Besides no diapers, I love the, "Go get dressed" option. There are days, I confess, where it seems so pointless to dress the kids. I just have to take off their clothes at the end of the day, anyway. And boy do they fight me getting their jammies on! The drawback, of course, is that Sabrina is currently wearing only panties. At one time today, in my defense, she was wearing socks, pants, two shirts, and a dress. None of those were my fault either.

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