Tuesday, February 21, 2012

St. George

We just took a trip to St. George to watch Spencer play in a soccer tournament. Not to brag, but first, Spencer's team won the championship, and second, it was in the 50s most days. Take that, Eden!

I confess, the thought of a 5-hour drive while 6 months pregnant with two young kids to a hotel room with little to do for four days sounded GREAT. It really turned out fun, though. I don't want to say the outlets in St. George were ALL the reason I had a good time, but it did help that first day! I totally scored at some of the kids' stores down there. We also drove to Zion, although not into the park because, well, it's $25 and we'd been to the outlet stores. Also, we'd been driving for awhile already and Sasha was telling us he wanted OUT. Zane took us offroading in the Explorer and almost drove off a cliff. He would claim I am exaggerating and had my eyes closed anyway. Whatever.

I'm happy to be home, though. The kids have their own rooms here, which is vital for nap time, and sleeping through the night doesn't come easily when mamas have their "do my kids need me" ears on. It was also great to sleep in my own bed last night. All these advantages, however, waned when I woke up to a snowstorm. Imagine, spring....

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