Monday, January 30, 2012

Skiing, take 2

Sabrina and Zane went skiing again on Saturday. Getting on boots, fine. Getting on skis, fine. Letting go of Mom with skis on feet: major trama. PLUS, mean ol' Daddy wanted her to hang onto ski poles, instead of him holding onto her for the duration. However, she came down the bunny hill saying, "I am so brave!" Just what I wanted for you, darling.

Zane again took Sabrina on the real ski lift, which again was hardest on Mommy, I think. However, everyone made it down safely and the new method of Sabrina holding onto ski poles was successful. Zane even had enough energy to take a "real" run down the mountain, i.e. without Sabrina! Last time he collapsed at my feet (a not uncommon occurrence)and, since he was sans poles, I had to pull him back up.

While the skiing lesson was going on, Sasha was brave enough to walk on the snow. Last time he had been traumatized by walking on the frozen reservoir and being unable to maintain solid footing, but he found snow-walking not quite so scary. Sadly, he was sans gloves, so mean ol' Mommy wouldn't let him dig in the snow.

Overall, a successful outing with such brave kids.

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