Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stake Conference

For a family with two little kids, stake conference can also be known as "Sunday vacation." Today was such a day. But...President Monson and Elder Anderson were speaking at the Dee Events Center. A terrible place to take kids, I'll tell yah, but I wanted to go. Solution? Let Zane sleep in and, and my mil says, "tend." I call it parenting, but regardless, Zane stayed home with the monkeys, and I went to conference.

There were a couple of things I didn't like. Let's get them out of the way first. Okay, there was only one thing, really. Elder Anderson is an apostle of the Lord, right? So he must have some cool, uplifting things to say, right? I'm sure he does, but we didn't hear any of them. We heard a tribute to President Monson. Honestly, I felt like we were at his funeral. Plus, he was sitting right there! Awk-ward. I would hate that, if I were the prophet.

What I liked: honestly, there were so many. The Primary General President spoke (I forget her name). And while her white ruffled super-high necked shirt was unfortunate, I'm not going to comment on it, at all. She gave a nice talk about being a good parent without just addressing the children, who wouldn't have been listening anyway, especially if they were home being "tended" by their father, or being sing-songy. Elder Marlon Jensen also gave a nice talk about the Holy Ghost. Oh, and a woman gave the closing prayer! Now if we can just get a little feminine equality going on during GENERAL conference, that would be great. Then, their was President Monson. Wow. You know how he speaks. What you might not know is how amazing he is in real life. I was in tears several times during his talk. He is just so tender, so kind, so genuine. He spoke on helping people surrounded by difficulties, especially in the context of coming back to church or the family. I've heard he's getting a little...old, but he was right on his game today. I feel very lucky to have been there, and without having to entertain anyone. A good Sunday.

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