Sunday, October 16, 2011

Primary Program

Next year, the Primary program will be way more interesting, because Sabrina will be in it. However, I'm a teacher of the evil 5-year-olds (semi-evil), so it was pretty cute today too. We started and ended with the classic "Scripture Power" which is way, way exciting. The cutest, of course, are the Sunbeams. We have some twins that live near us, and they knew their lines perfectly, including "stripling warriors." That got a good laugh. The other good one was a "great big giant Goliath." That was a little ad libbed.

I sat next to a rather immature 4-year-old, who liked to clap, count, and bounce. Two kids kept asking me if it was time to go yet, and I had to keep telling the kids to sit down and stand up. But at least I had the words to the songs. On the plus side, the kids were really prepared, and most of them had their lines memorized. Better than the 10-year-olds, who acted like they'd never seen their lines before, some of them.

During this time, Zane had to take Sasha home, because he can't really get through church. It's his nap time, and let's face it, church was not designed for babies, despite the "spread the faith through reproduction" plan. But Sabrina wanted to stay. So she got to sit with Makenna and Avery while I was on the stand. She was fine, happy, and I never heard her. She was better behaved than when I'm with her! She's becoming so big and capable. I can't wait until next year when she gets to say something like "big giant Goliath."

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