Monday, October 24, 2011


On Saturday, Mom and I planned for her to come up for a visit. I was remembering, I swear...until Saturday morning, of course. I was doing some transcription work, we were cleaning the basement, and it slipped my mind. So Mom called and said, basically, you remember I'm coming, see you in 45 minutes.

Then, I did what every red-blooded American woman would do: freaked out at the state of my house and cleaned until she got there. Seriously, my house was a disaster. Let's just say: I had the previous week off, it was the weekend, and Spencer had been there for three days already. Yeah. The 45 minutes I had, which fortunately ended up being an hour, was just enough for me to not be humiliated. Yay for moms who give advance warning!

We also went shopping for fabric. I want to make Sabrina a quilt for Christmas (I KNOW!), and we needed our basic supplies. It took 2 1/2 hours. That's a long time. But I'm happy with what we got, even though now I have to do it!

Sabrina has been waking up during the night again and coming into my bed. She then keeps coming in until I let her sleep on my floor. Well, last night she went back to sleep in her bed, but it's frustrating. I kind of blame Zane for this, because he has always been afraid of the dark, so his "bribe" to make Sabrina go to bed is to leave the light on. In her room. Or the door open with the hall light on. In other words, he is teaching her to be scared of the dark! She was totally, totally fine until he started that garbage. At least in going to bed. I worry she's waking up a little in the night, and then getting "scared" because it's dark. Dang it. I hope she stops it soon. Especially now that my fall break is over. I have a feeling 6 am is going to come real early on Wednesday!

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