Friday, May 13, 2011

A Getaway

Zane has to get 20 or so hours of CLE each year. I couldn't remember what it stood for -- Continuing Learning Experience? Mom pointed out with surprisingly little smirking that it was probably Continuing Legal Education. Right. That's what I meant. Anyway, to get 5 1/2 hours in two days, Zane went to a long day in St. George, and it was a great time for us to get away from the Daily Grind. We went down for one night. With our two kids. Let's just say, with the four of us in one hotel room, there was no time for US time.

Still, it was fun. I learned things I really didn't know. Like Sabrina hums herself to sleep like this: breath in, hum out, breath in, hum out. It was quiet, and very cute. Sasha didn't really want to sleep, he would crawl a few steps? Crawls? whatever. Then lay his head down. Then crawl a little more. By that time he was at the edge of the bed, so Zane had to grab him and put him back in a safe place, where the process would repeat. Oh, and Zane slept with Sasha and me with Sabrina. I repeat what I said about co-sleepers: crazy.

Anyway, the late night meant they had a 2- or 3- hour nap on the way home, which was great. It's nice to be home, though, with the kids in their own beds.

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