Thursday, May 26, 2011

Car Mystery

Because I am awesome, I drove over the curb as I left the bank yesterday. Immediately, a buzzing type sound started from the rear of the car. Turn off radio: nope. Too easy. Go faster, go slower, shift into park at a stoplight: no change. Honestly, I'm getting kind of worried. What did I do to my poor car?

So, I get to Costco and turn off the car, and lo, the noise does not stop. This should be comforting, perhaps, but it is not. I go to the back of the car. The noise is louder back there, and seems to be coming from the space under the seats. In moving items on top of the opening, I move Zane's electric razor, which has been in the car since our trip to St. George two weeks ago. It is vibrating, and the source of the noise.


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