Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last time I posted a picture of me with Sabrina and Spencer at the Mendenhall glacier. Here's another picture of the glacier's lake with icebergs. Also, I'm cuter here.

So, the next day we made it up to Skagway, just a few miles from the Canadian border of Yukon Territory. I'm sure Skagway used to have an economy other than tourism, but I don't think it does now. There is one main drag of "authentic" shops. Mom, Cheri and I walked into the rest of town a little bit, where the people who work in the shops live. It's a beautiful small town where I'm sure everyone pulls together and feels like a real community, especially in the winter. Mom wants to move there, no surprise. Here's a shot of the tourist part.

We saw some local wildlife, too. Okay, we saw salmon and a seal, but whatever. The salmon were spawning, and I guess once they lay their eggs they die, and the baby salmon live on the body of their parents. I mean, I've heard of giving your life for your children, but still. Because the stream the salmon spawn in is now a dock for tour boats, there is a drain the salmon go up. This is a good place for a meal, if you are a seal.

Finally, bowing to Elli's every wish (as is proper), we took a train ride up to White Pass Summit, crossing briefly into Canadian (British Colombian) territory. It was an amazing ride. I think Sabrina was trainsick, because she was not happy. The scenery was amazing, though.

That night we had to book it (I guess) to Glacier Bay, because really, the waves were so high I thought I was going to pop right out of bed. Thank goodness, I didn't have any seasickness. Sabrina had a little bit of a hard night, which is why she slept with us. She only fell out of bed once. I'm not a bad mom.

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