Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to the summer...

When we left our intrepid space-travelers, they had gotten back from Lake Powell for 12 hours and started cleaning up after Katrina. Oops, I mean The Great Pipe Burst.

After a short night's sleep, we left for the airport to go to ALASKA! Dad, at this point, had been to 48 states (there are 50). The other one he hadn't been to, besides Alaska? North Dakota. It was a hard decision to make. Which state do we knock out this family vacation, North Dakota or Alaska, North Dakota or Alaska....

So, a cruise to Alaska it is! We went on Norwegian Cruise Line, and they are geniuses. At check-in every person, including Sabrina, got a card. It was our room key, credit card, and ID in one. Our picture was taken and scanned in with the card, so when coming back on the ship they could just scan our card and tell it was us. Neat! Also, whenever you wanted to gamble (I never did), get drinks (I never did), play video games (I never did) or whatever, all you had to do was scan the card! And it didn't even feel like real money! Genius!

We settled into our room, and then I was the genius. I told Spencer he could go explore. Now, he had just spent a week cooped up on a houseboat, along with two 6-hour long car rides on either side of that, plus a 2-hour plane ride, plus getting on the ship. He was off like a shot! Later, when Zane asked him which trip he liked better, he said Alaska because you could go exploring.

Here is Sabrina looking out our window. We we on the bottom floor for guests, so we got a porthole instead of a window. Reminds me of the submarine ride at Disneyland!

Here is Spencer on his bed. Zane and I had a king size bed and Sabrina had a crib. Spencer's bed folded into the wall and got taken down at night by the stewards who also made animals out of our new towels. The creepiest was the monkey that hung from the ceiling, but they were all pretty cool.

This is Mom and Dad's room. They decided to get a bigger room with a balcony so we could sit there on the day we went to Glacier Bay, so we could a) get a good view and b)not rub shoulder with the masses.

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