Monday, April 25, 2016

Climb Kili

I am getting so excited for my Kilimanjaro trip! Our itinerary, should you be interested, is here. I'm getting butterflies!

One thing that I can't decide if I like or not is that I leave the day after school ends. On one hand, I don't have to sit around waiting for the trip after school ends. On the other, I will have ZERO time to adjust to being done with school before I go halfway around the world. Also, my kids will not have any time to adjust. They'll keep going to daycare for a couple of weeks, and they'll get to have field trips and fun playing time with friends. They might actually like it better.

Speaking of playdates, Sasha just had kindergarten round up. I've been thinking for MONTHS that I need to get Sasha's birth certificate (five years late) but the day before kindergarten round up OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO GET SASHA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE WHAT WAS I THINKING WHY DIDN'T I GET IT FIVE YEARS AGO. But not all was lost: I had the opportunity to get Raiden's birth certificate as well. Almost four years late. The important thing is that I have them now, right?

I talked to the speech therapist about Sasha's Rs. I know they say not to worry, but since Sasha's mother, uncle, and grandfather all had speech therapy, I think now is as good a time as any, amirite? She told me to have him say words that start with RA (apparently this is the easiest R) and to smile as he says it. Sasha said a perfect R. I am a genius! Oops, I mean the speech pathologist is a genius! Hooray!

So many milestones for us!

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