Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Tiny!

Sabrina is 8 today! She is a beautiful girl with a seriously sweet soul. She wants to make sure everyone is happy, but not in a way that makes me worried about her being a people-pleaser. She just wants people to feel good and comfortable. I love her so much!

Sadly, when we were swimming today she put her hand around the swimming slide and she was going down it and sliced a big chunk of skin off her finger. Ow! There was much blood and MUCH crying, along with some wailing. Grandpa Froerer was a champ, getting a rag and putting a Neosporin-ed bandaid on her poor finger. He's gotten better with blood since he started getting poked so much! I wonder if he's better with his OWN blood, since that was really his issue!

Tomorrow is Sabrina's baptism. It's very stressful to plan a baptism, but Sabrina is beautiful, so that helps. Oh, you need proof? Here you go.

I mean, right?

On another note, Raiden has been really into scripts lately. He'll tell me exactly what to say. He also remembers videos like you wouldn't believe. Today, he said, "Mom, tell me I'm a pipsqueak." So, of course, I did. The 4-year-old wears the pants in THIS family. Anyway, then he said a quote from Avatar (the awesome cartoon), "Who you callin' a pipsqueak, you giant-eared cretin!" You have not lived until you've been called a giant-eared cretin by a child!

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