Tuesday, April 5, 2016

3 years

It's been three years since my cancer diagnosis. The next spring break I had surgery. The next spring break...well, it proved that spring breaks did not have to rival Bella-from-Twighlight's spring breaks in horribleness. Of course, being a stay at home mom is its own brand of torture. Let me go break up a fight.

I'm back. So, three years. Everything...oops, another fight. Okay. Everything CANCER RELATED looks good. My "scary thoughts" are rare and short-lived. My hair is shoulder length. With my clothes on, you'd never know.

On the other hand, my father-in-law was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer a few months ago. It's been bonding, I guess, but it's been hard on me (I know, his cancer is about HIM, but this blog is about ME) to think about cancer so intimately again. It's also been really hard on Zane, since he had to go through it once with me, and now with his dad.

On the third hand, cancer patients get all the cool stuff, as Zane says. I've been offered a grant by Ogden Regional Medical Center to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro! I found out, oh, three months before the trip and it's now two months to go. Mom is going with me. I'm super excited! I think I'm going to be featured in some publicity. Some of my 15 minutes, I guess!

Anyway, more than halfway done to my 5-year mark!

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