Friday, December 6, 2013

Done and done!

I'm done with radiation. That's right! All I have left is eight months of Herceptin, another prophylactic mastectomy, and a double reconstruction! Oh, and worrying that every cough is metastases. But no more daily trips to Ogden, weekly trips to Salt Lake, nothing nearly that time consuming.

Radiation hasn't been too bad. The worst part was, as I hoped, the daily grind of going to Ogden. I've been leaving about 10 minutes after school ended every day to get to treatment. Today, my third day out of treatment, my principal announced over the intercom that we teachers should leave right away, as the roads weren't great. I practically laughed at the ridiculous suggestion. Leave early? When I don't have to? I know my mind will change in a few months, but staying until I'm done with my grading feels like the height of luxury.

Although the constancy of treatment was the worst part, I've had a few other symptoms. I've been tired, which is probably just normal. Also, my skin started to burn about 10 days ago, and soon after I started peeling. There has been some pain, too. I guess the upside is that (TMI alert!) I have a really tan boob. I mean, if you're looking for an upside?


Mari said...

I love your attitude Miss Molly! A tan boob is a very good thing, especially if it makes you all better! Im amazed at how well youve done. Such an inspiration! Love you.

Kathleen Bagley said...

Yay, Molly! You ARE an inspiration.