Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Gifts

'Twas the day school ended for Christmas break, and I was innocently hanging out at home. Then, out of NOWHERE, I heard honking from outside. This may be normal to some of you, but on my street? Weird. Then, about 10 seconds later, I heard it again. I looked out the window and saw a car out there with people LOOKING at my house. Weird again. So I opened the door, and the car drove off. Double (wait...TRIPLE) weird. Then I looked down. On my doorstep were some presents.

First, four gift bags. In them were fleece blankets for each of my three kids (homemade -- the best kind of blankets)and a Real Salt Lake long-sleeved t-shirt for me. Then, a picture frame with a gift certificate for family pictures. Finally, a 3-foot fake Christmas tree. The ornaments? Inspirational sayings. Gift certificates to restaurants, iTunes, Home Depot, and Coldstone. And money. Not just "dollars," as Zane called them in amazement when he got home. No, nothing so ordinary as dollars. Granted, there were some fives, but more tens, twenties, and even a fifty and TWO hundreds. Dude.

Here's the note that came with them. It needs to be reproduced for posterity.
Dear Molly,
You are such a strong and amazing woman! You are such an inspiration to me! Teaching Jr. High kids and then dealing w/cancer. I am one of your students. I hope you enjoy your giving tree. Me and my family are trying to help you in any way we can. You are an amazing person! You are my hero! You are dealing w/ something no one should have to deal with. I hope you get better!! Love/?

So, I don't know who gave this amazing gift to me. As Mom says, it really sucks that I don't know because now I have to be nice to everybody. So thank you Universe! Thank you students and parents! I am so grateful to you for your kindness. I can't repay you, and I don't know even who you are. But I promise you, and everyone who has been so generous to me this year, that in 2014 I will pay it forward.


Kathleen Bagley said...

Oh, Molly! That is just so neat! What a great story.

About Us said...

Awesome!! But seriously- being nice to EVERYONE?


About Us said...

Ps. Those gifts are such great ideas to me....I totally want to be able to do something that big someday for someone as deserving. Hopefully I remember the tree thing-

ju said...

You deserve it all! I just wish it was me who was so thoughtful. I'm offering babysitting when you and Zane want to use some of those gift cards.