Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When can I go Commando?

This is a serious problem. When can I go wigless? My hair is about 3/4 of an inch long, I think. I'm not good at the estimating thing and I haven't taken a ruler to my hair anytime recently. I don't look like "whoa, cute short haircut!" I look more like, "Look how much hair you have! What type of cancer?" But soon the hair will be a little long to wear comfortably under the wig, I think.

This would not be such a problem, really, if I worked with adults or kids. Adults would be polite and kids would say (as did my nephew Brighton), "Hey, hey, hey, you got a short haircut!" and then stop thinking about it. No, I work with pubescents. They are too young to be polite and too old to be cute when they say they don't like the short-haired me. Plus, I feel that no matter when it happens, it will all be about ME when I stop wearing a wig. That's fine and all, there's nothing I like more than MEMEME, but when dealing with 12- to 14-year-olds, I don't really want it to be about me. I'm supposed to be the teacher who doesn't go the grocery store and sleeps in a coffin in the school basement all summer.

I did want to go commando when I went to my student's mother's funeral. She died of (I think) ovarian cancer and was so, so kind and gracious to me when I was diagnosed. I wanted to go without my wig to her viewing. It felt like solidarity, sister! I didn't because I knew that in MY head it would have been about her, but it would have been an attention sucker for everyone else. Still, I comforted myself that I was bald under my hair. Aren't we all.

So, I don't know. When can I go commando?


About Us said...

I say go commando as soon as you want! I tend to think whatever my mom does is right and she started taking her wig off at an inch or so long I think. Everyone knows what you're dealing with at this point and hair growing in is a good sign for all. Besides- these pubescent punks could probably all use a lesson on being polite and perhaps you're just the one to give it!

Kathleen Bagley said...

I'm with Annie. Also remember the famous words of my East St. Louis adult ed class, "Don't wear that wig, Miss Kathleen! You'll scrub your hair right off!"

I love that you don't want it all about you, but anything that's not all about themselves for the junior high crowd is a lesson most could use.

You go girl!

suzanne kirkpatrick said...

LOVE your post. AND LOVE the comments of Annie and Kathlenn. I love your spunk Molly. You are the best"