Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Crap

I don't have anything in my brain long enough for a full blog post, but I have a lot of random thoughts. So, here they are!

I was getting up to feed Raiden at about 3 am, and I heard Sasha crying. He wasn't crying for me, or daddy, or even grandma, which would all make sense. No, he was crying for Sabrina. I'm honestly not quite sure how to feel about that. Mom says Sabrina must be the only constant in his life of upheaval. No doubt.

Raiden was up every three hours, which isn't bad for a one-week-old. Sabrina and Sasha, despite going to bed on time, did not get up until 7:51. Way to go, peeps!

Mom has been a lifesaver. Specifically, Sabrina and Sasha's lifesaver. She's been hanging out, making sure my kids eat and let me sleep, and gotten up with Raiden, even sleeping with him. He slept for six hours when sleeping next to her. This was great, except for one thing. You know what that one thing is is if you've ever nursed a baby. She has also done things I do once a year, if that, like cleaning out cupboards, washing off the outside of garbage cans, and so on. Thanks, Mom!

Zane had to go to St. George yesterday and stay overnight for a meeting with the Department of Labor. They are far to important for a conference call. Anyway, Mom was worried that I wouldn't have any help in the night. However, as Zane still selfishly refuses to take herbs and stimulate his nipples to create milk (what? men can too create milk!, it's not like he's of great help in the middle of the night. Still, he IS of great help in the morning, when the monkeys get up. Fortunately, he'll be home today.

And that's it! My brain dump of random crap.

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