Friday, June 1, 2012

The Scream

My two older children are downstairs screaming, delighting in the acoustics of the newly-drywalled basement. I wish I could join them, but for a different reason.

Zane just got in a car accident, in the little, fragile, 60 mpg car. Fortunately, he's fine. At least, that's what he claims on the phone. Also fortunately, it was not his fault. He was rear ended on the freeway. Unfortunately, it looks like the little Insight is totaled. I'm sure it is; it's not like it's a big sturdy SUV that could conceivably take a good rear-ending. No, it's gone. I loved that car.

Now we get to deal with the paperwork of insurance claims, the pain of shopping for a new car, and the financial surety that even if we WERE to get full blue book price (we won't -- deductibles, you see), the car was worth more than that money because it meant we didn't have to get a new car. I hate this.

Thanks, Dad, for driving to Orem to pick up Zane and bring him home. Through accident, rush hour traffic.

That was one expensive business trip.

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Anonymous said...


I was getting ready to reply to one of your posts to say how much I have enjoyed reading about your new baby -- and hearing about him from your parents. I went back to check something and saw your brand new post about Zane's car. Oh no. I am so, so sorry. This is really inconvenient. And expensive. Thank goodness he is OK, and that it isn't his fault! And in the mean time, if you need someone to snuggle your baby for hours while he sleeps through the night (like he did for lucky Aunt Saundra), I will take that gig. Nothing like snuggling a newborn. Beats the windmill of arms and legs that is 5-year-old Grant who gets in bed with me at 5 a.m.

Love to you and your family,

Cousin Emily