Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Additions

Yesterday, I did not see Thing 1 or Thing 2 all day long. It was peaceful, but also kind of sad. Today, though, both they, their older brother, father, grandmothers, and one grandfather all descended upon this heretofore calm hospital. Sabrina calls Raiden either Raiden or Jemonis, so of course Sasha does too. "Ay-den," he'll say, grinning and so proud. "Raiden?" we asked. "Uh-huh. Monis. Bed." "That's Jemonis's bed." "Yeah." So precious.

Sabrina continues to be in love with littlest brother. She wants to hold him, touch him, kiss him, love him. She is so proud to be allowed to sit and carefully support his tiny head. I do, however, have to keep asking her to be a little more quiet, because Raiden is not quite ready to sleep through older brothers and sisters. I'm sure this will be remedied quickly, through sheer necessity. Sabrina is sleeping over at Grandma Saundra's tonight, mostly because she is completely in love with Grandma Saundra. Of course, who wouldn't love a grandma who wants to sleep in the barn in a tent with you? Even if Grandma Saundra DOESN'T buy the princess treats, the love lavished upon her makes Sabrina putty in Grandma's hands. Which, in turn, makes ME putty in Grandma's hands. Good thing she's not the type to take advantage!

Sasha is looking huge. Although he has one cousin younger than he is on my side, he's the (previous) youngest Froerer. So, the tiniest. Now he looks like a giant! The size of his head...the length of his hair...everything! He has been amazingly happy and non-competitive with Raiden. I know I'm saying this too soon, but still. He came and sat on the bed next to me and held Raiden's hand, and helpfully pointed out "nose. Ay-den." All this without a nap.

And, you are wondering, how about me? I'm actually doing great. Raiden didn't want to sleep last night, which majorly sucked, but I've been sleeping more today and am more ready for a possible repeat tonight. I look only 6 months pregnant, which is a major relief, and Percocet + Motrin is keeping me comfortable. Not exactly pain-free, but since I get out of bed basically to pee, I'm doing great. Oh, and I got to take a shower yesterday. Bliss. Might take one tonight too, but let's not go crazy with making plans.

My RS president called today and said they'd start bringing meals over on Monday. With Sasha, they did every other day, and I hope they do that again, because the women in my ward make Santa Claus look stingy. I got at LEAST two dinner's worth from every "meal" they brought over. Plus at least one lunch. Nothing makes you feel loved like postpartum dinners! I love my ward, my threekids, my husband, and my life! As soon as I can say I love my body, I will be perfectly happy.

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