Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This morning, Zane was explaining to me that he did not feel appreciated for getting up with the kids on Saturday morning. This because ALL I did was tell him if he was in so much of a hurry to get to Spencer's soccer game he could get the kids dressed instead of watching TV. I'm sure I was the soul of politeness while I explained this. Anyway, this discussion led me, in my pregnancy-induced hormonal state, to talk about how underappreciated I am, blah blah blah. There may or may not have been tears involved. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Sasha come in from the living room. "Mom. Mama. Mama. Maaaamaaaa." They come into the bedroom, climb up on the bed, and proceed to snuggle into me. Sabrina looks in my eyes, pats my cheek, and says, "I love you Mom." Well, don't I feel dumb. I guess I'm appreciated after all.

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