Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why Men Think being a Stay-At-Home Mom is Easy

Today was my day to sleep in, a pleasure I insist on only when Zane pressures me to stay up late ("It's Saturday tomorrow!" Yeah, talk to me when the kids are teenagers). When I got up (at 8:40 because the kids came in to wake me) I had three projects for my OTHER other job. During this time Sabrina, with the instincts of a 3-year-old, found the graphite Zane has in his capacity of Cub Scout Leader And Pinewood Derby Fuhrer. Fortunately there was not much in there, because Sabrina (did I mention her 3-year-old instincts?)had previously emptied much of it. However, there was still enough to spread all over herself, the floor, and, of course, Sasha. Baths were in order, but Zane had to "go get wood for the fire."

I finish my projects, to find the kids have not eaten, but Zane has managed to play video games. While I showered, the kids emptied the remains of TWO cereal bags of the nasty end-of-bag crumbs. While video games were being played.

My hypothesis is, the men do whatever fun things they normally do, with little attention paid to diapers, meals, or bedtimes, and none at all to cleaning. Then they wonder why we don't have more time to work for their office. Silly men. To quote "An Arthur Christmas," "Thanks to my wife, who does whatever women do while men are at work."

P.S. I hope this post sounded affectionate and slightly patronizing, not irritated. I feel affectionate and patronizing, not mad. In case you were wondering.

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